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The United Kingdom has the 6th largest economy in the world and has a per capita income above $45000 dollars. The UK is a haven for skilled workers looking to find better opportunities.

So, if you are wishing to immigrate to the UK with a UK work permit then Gulf Migrates can aid you in this regard. We are among the best immigration consultants in Dubai and the GCC, having experienced consultants to help skilled individuals land jobs in the UK.

Take our assessment and, if you are eligible, we will guide you on how you can with your UK work permit application.

With a UK work permit, you can stay in the UK for 5 years. After that, you need to renew your visa. Also, after 5 years, you can apply to settle permanently in the UK, and apply for benefits if you are eligible. Additionally, if you are changing jobs you then also have to renew your visa.

Alongside work you can study as well on your work permit. Moreover, you can bring your dependents, do voluntary work, travel abroad and return to the UK.

You need to apply for the visa 3 months before the day you are about to start work in the UK. As a part of your application, you need to prove your identity and provide all the documents.

Once you have applied, and provided all the necessary documents, you get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks, if you’re outside the UK.

Eligibility for the UK Work Permit

You must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for a UK work permit:

  1. You must work for a UK employer who is approved by the Home Office
  2. You must show a “certificate of sponsorship” from the employer about the role you have been offered
  3. The job must be on the list of eligible occupations
  4. Show a basic proficiency in English
  5. Be paid a minimum salary


Migration Standard Procedure

Our 5 steps process can be generalised as follow with which we have successfulffy helped client

Register Online

Fill up the form on our website so that we can access you eligibility

Free Visa Assessment Session

Upon submitting the form, The eligible candidates get a free 20 minutes session with our Visa consultant

Smooth Onboarding

You can pay the fees through our online payment gateway to start the immigration Application


The documents are attached to immigration Application for Visa nomination. A dedicated case officer is assign to you.

Visa Filing after Nomination

After successful nomination, the case will file visa for you and ensure timely arrival so you can get ready to you.

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