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Russia has a proposed a new economic citizenship by investment for investors who can directly acquire citizenship and passport either by donation to a charity to the Russian Government.

We have already started Russian passport program. Please contact us for a free quote. Please note that Russia passport is issued for 5 and 10 yrs validity and can be renewed after expiration, you must have met 90 days residency requirement.

– The passport of Russia has 5 and 10 year validity period.
– The Russian Citizenship by Investment program requires only 90 days of physical presence during the initial 1 year period.
– Pick-up of the Russian passport can be undertaken either in Russian Federal Migration Services Office or at an Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office of Russia.
– Russia passport provides visa free access to approximately 100 countries
– We provide the real estate acquisition, legal, financial management and property asset management services.

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