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Provincial Nominee Programm

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a key element of Canada’s immigration policy. More than 200,000 people are expected to obtain permanent residence from Canada under a provincial nominee program from 2019 to 2021.

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The Provincial Nominee Program is the fastest growing economic immigration program in Canada. In recent years, the federal government has progressively increased annual provincial allocations to their respective PNPs, demonstrating the growing importance of these programs in the overall Canadian immigration landscape.

As part of the provincial nominee program or, more specifically, programs, the provinces and territories of Canada may designate individuals and families who wish to establish in their province or territory based on criteria defined by Province.

Within each PNP, there are several subroutines and categories, usually called “flows”. You can find out which PNP streams and categories are currently open in our PNP Canada Live Tracker, which now includes a great new tool to help you find the PNP feed that’s right for you.

To become a candidate in the province, applicants must demonstrate that they meet the defined criteria. This will demonstrate that the candidate has the skills, training and work experience needed to make a positive contribution to the local economy and society. The province or territory will review the application based on the needs of the province in question and the actual intention of the applicant to settle there.

Migration Standard Procedure

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To apply to a provincial nominee program, applicants must

Some components of the PNP program operate on a first-come, first-served basis, while others require potential candidates to first register a declaration of interest. In addition, some PNP flows operate outside the federal Express Entry immigration system – they are called “core” flows – while other PNP flows are aligned with Express Entry.

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Steps to Permanent Residence

Most provinces and territories have streams that are connected to the federal Express Entry selection system, through which “enhanced” nominations are available, which give applicants an additional 600 points from the Global Ranking System (CRS).

A provincial application is the most valuable factor of the NCPS, ensuring that the candidate receives an invitation to apply in a subsequent drawing.

The CRS is a score out of 1,200 assigned to Express Entry candidates, who decides who must get an ITA for permanent residence. In almost every series of Express Entry draws, these 600 bonus points would ensure that the applicant receives an ITA.

Those wishing to apply for a provincial application under an enhanced stream of the PCP must first create an Express Entry profile and enter the pool.

Find out about the proposed provincial nominee programs for each participating province and territory below. It should be noted that Quebec runs its own skilled worker program and does not have a provincial nominee program.

Ontario has one of the most diverse and dynamic provincial candidate programs Skilled workers, graduates and business people can plan their immigration to Ontario.


British Columbia offers a wide range of streams and categories to workers, graduates and contractors as part of its Provincial Nominee Program. It includes categories aligned with the federal immigration selection system of Canada’s federal Express Entry system.

Alberta has recently surpassed British Columbia as Canada’s second largest immigration destination. Its provincial nominee program welcomes workers, graduates and entrepreneurs across the province.

The Manitoba Nominee Program has been modified in recent months. We have described these changes, along with other planned improvements.

The Manitoba Nominee Program has been modified in recent months. We have described these changes, along with other planned improvements.

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