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Note : IN 2018, Poland Process has changed in many ways and has become very strict for foreign workers. However, still, Poland issues a 1 year 2 year & 3 year residence permits to non EU citizens based on several basis. We invite you to our office to discuss in details. However, we present some information on the most common & popular option that most expatriates in UAE find suitable

Option 1 : Work Permit sponsored by a Polish Company. Such Residence permits to foreigners are issued with one main motive, to help the Polish companies fill shortfalls in specific areas of skills/language so they can compete on a global scale and develop international markets. This is a 4 Step Process in 2018;

1. Find an employer in Poland based on your skills and experience

2. Your employer needs to take permission to hire you from immigration authorities

3. You get a temporary visa from Polish embassy

4. Come to Poland and submit Residence Permit Application

We can assist with your immigration process. Our Service Package starts from Euro 5,000* for single applicant and family members can be added at extra cost, usually after you have obtained your own permit and have settled in Poland. Full family permits are hard to obtain.

Option 2 : By setting up a business in Poland – If you have genuine business idea and intention to start and operate a business in Poland, we can assist with the entire process of setting up or buying of a running company. Note that if this company does not carry out business activity for six months or more, it may not be easy to obtain a residence permit. Talk to our Poland expert in our office personally to discuss this option and how we can help you get into Poland in a legal way and also be able to setup your business.

GLMC and associates provide ready business in Poland

Once you manage to come to Poland on Work Permit sponsored by your Polish employer, you can also start a side business. Recently GLMC and associates completed setting up a Indian / Pakistani cuisine restaurant in Warsaw for a Pakistani family. Take a look at the below videos.

We provided complete construction of this restaurant from an empty shop leased out in a Posh area of Warsaw. It took us 4 months to complete and contract value was PLN 250,000. In its opening month, the restaurant has done PLN 48,000 sale. There are 4 staff and monthly running fixed expenses are approx. PLN 25,000, including rent, salaries and purchases & taxes. As such, there is a potential for this restaurant to be profitable and a sufficient income source for a family of 4-5 members very soon.

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