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A vacation to Canada is one such experience. Canada is unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with dramatic vistas of breathtaking snow-
capped mountains, brilliant blue lakes, and picturesque valleys, as well as a spectacular blend of stylish cities and small countryside mixed with culture and food.

Tourist visa requirements for Canada The following are the essential requirements for anyone travelling to Canada for leisure purposes.

A valid passport is required.
Should be in decent physical condition.
Should be of strong moral character and have no criminal or human rights violations or immigration-related convictions.
You must have sufficient financial support for the duration of your stay in Canada. Should give documentation ensuring return to home nation, such as travel schedule and airline tickets.

Proof of financial support to verify that the applicant and his family members can cover their financial expenses throughout their stay in Canada.

Photocopy of Marriage Certificate as proof of marital status

If the nation of residence differs from the country of citizenship, a photocopy of proof of legal status in the country of residence should be provided.

Visas cost CAD 100 per person.

Migration Standard Procedure

Our 5 steps process can be generalised as follow with which we have successfulffy helped client

Register Online

Fill up the form on our website so that we can access you eligibility

Free Visa Assessment Session

Upon submitting the form, The eligible candidates get a free 20 minutes session with our Visa consultant

Smooth Onboarding

You can pay the fees through our online payment gateway to start the immigration Application


The documents are attached to immigration Application for Visa nomination. A dedicated case officer is assign to you.

Visa Filing after Nomination

After successful nomination, the case will file visa for you and ensure timely arrival so you can get ready to you.

GMS is a specialist group of experienced and dedicated immigration consultants.  With over 8 years of experience, we eliminate the hassle and connect your application with programs suitable to your immigration needs. Get in touch today so we can facilitate your immigration to your desired country

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