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What is a Study Permit and How Do I Get One?

A study permit is a document given by Canada’s immigration officials that allows international students to study in the country. Without a proper study permit, international students are unable to study in Canada. Aside from that, students with a study permission can only register in Designated Learning Institutions.

Obtaining a Study Permit

You must bring the Letter of Introduction, as well as any other relevant documents, to Canada. You would meet with an Immigration Officer at the airport. Present your passport and letter of introduction to a border control agency officer, who will verify the documents and, if found satisfactory, will grant you your Study Permit.

Criteria for obtaining a Canada Student Visa

If you meet the following requirements, you may apply for a study visa in Canada:

You’ve been accepted into a recognised educational institution (DLI).
You must demonstrate that you have sufficient cash to cover your tuition and living expenses.
You must demonstrate that you have a spotless record and have never been convicted of a crime. To establish this, the candidates must present a police certificate.
You must have a physical examination and produce a medical certificate stating that you are in excellent health.
You must also persuade the visa officer during the visa interview that you will depart Canada after your studies are completed.

Migration Standard Procedure

Our 5 steps process can be generalised as follow with which we have successfulffy helped client

Register Online

Fill up the form on our website so that we can access you eligibility

Free Visa Assessment Session

Upon submitting the form, The eligible candidates get a free 20 minutes session with our Visa consultant

Smooth Onboarding

You can pay the fees through our online payment gateway to start the immigration Application


The documents are attached to immigration Application for Visa nomination. A dedicated case officer is assign to you.

Visa Filing after Nomination

After successful nomination, the case will file visa for you and ensure timely arrival so you can get ready to you.